Simet Powerknit Row Counter Cam Tripper

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Cam Tripper for Simet / Powerknit Row Counters. Printed in PLA in grey.

This is a faithful reproduction of an original Cam for the Simet - Powerknit row counters. Kindly provided as an original by one of our customers (Thank you LS), VZV3D is pleased to offer this 3D printed replacement part. Created by measuring an original part with a hig precision 3D scanner and then reproducing in CAD software, these replacements are as close a match as we can get to the original.  If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.

Free Parts!

If you have any small plastic parts that are broken or you need a spare and we don't already have it for sale, send us some pictures and a description via email to  We will have a look and if it is something we can produce, we will send you a part for free in exchange for the use of the pattern (and your original back of course). That way we can grow our library of parts to help serve the knitting machine community.  

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