Simet Powerknit Decounter or Countdown Unit Cogs

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Simet Powerknit countdown unit cogs. (Decounter) Printed in Dark Green PLA

We were asked by a customer if we could produce the cogs that often break in the Simet PowerKnit countdown unit. These three different items shown were the result.

  • This is a set of 7 individual parts.
  • 3 x Cams
  • 3 x Indent Cog
  • 1 x Ratchet cog

They fit quite snugly onto the metal shaft so may need warming up in very hot water first to make them more pliable. Also, make sure you use a small drop of superglue when the cog is in place. It will strengthen the bond and soak into the plastic for additional strength.

A big thanks to AB for supplying the original for us to recreate. (She received a free set)

Free Parts!

If you have any small plastic parts that are broken or you need a spare and we don't already have it for sale, send us some pictures and a description via email to  We will have a look and if it is something we can produce, we will send you a part for free in exchange for the use of the pattern (and your original back of course). That way we can grow our library of parts to help serve the knitting machine community.  

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