VZV3D was started in 2020 with a view to creating hard to find spare parts for obsolete knitting machines. With 3D printing technology readily available and with a technical and design background, Matt O'Donovan, the business owner founded VZV3D to create parts for the knitting machine community. We now have customers all over the world using our products.

What we do.

We take original machine parts and redesign them to improve on the original design. Much like after market parts for the automotive industry we build a range of spares for parts that are now unable to be sourced from the manufacturer or are not available elsewhere. This allows our customers to repair their machines and keep them operational often at very low cost. Especially important now with the Right to Repair movement.

Our products.   

We maintain a library of spare parts that is constantly be added to. As new customers ask us to produce a custom part for their machine we add it to the website to make it available to others.

Not just knitting machines.

With 3D scanning capabilities we are often asked to produce custom pieces for a range of different markets. For example, designing a clip for an antenna would involve us scanning the antenna to ensure the measurements are accurate and then designing the clip using CAD software. If there is something you need, please contact us at sales@vzv3d.com

Printing service.

If you have found a part you need on Thingiverse or similar website and you would like us to quote to print it, please contact us and we will be happy to help.