Hedgehog Feeding Station Doors

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Hedgehog Feeding Station Doors in clear perspex. (Supplied as a pair of doors)


It is great that more and more people are feeding hedgehogs and using purpose made feeding stations like the Riverside Woodcraft Eco. These feeding stations are designed to deter cats and foxes from stealing a hedgehogs food, however, they are still open to mice and rats. 

These neat doors deter rats and rodents from entering your feeding station. With a clear perspex panel the door fits neatly in the feeding station and is lightly hinged so that the hedgehog can easily enter and feed.

You will need to drill a 4.5mm hole to fit the hinge pin and instructions are available here INSTRUCTIONS.

 The doors are designed for the Riverside Woodcraft Eco feeder but will fit any feeding station with a 12cm x 12cm doorway.

Dimensions are 11.5cm x 11.5cm x 3mm and the doors are supplied as a pair.

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